5 Criteria that Must Be Existed in an Elderly Nurse

5 Criteria that Must Be Existed in an Elderly Nurse

Most people find caring for family members who Professional nurse have entered old age a challenge. Especially if you have many other responsibilities that must be fulfilled. One option that you can make is to hire other people to help you maintain the physical and mental health of the elderly. Then, what are the criteria that an elderly nurse must have? Check out the following explanation.

Criteria that must exist in nurses for the elderly

Finding a suitable and appropriate nurse for the elderly is mpo slot not always easy. You yourself may still be confused about determining the criteria for nurses according to age. Even so, at least there are some general criteria that an elderly nurse must have, as follows:

1. Have experience in the field you have

If you really want to find the best nurse for the elderly, it’s best to hire someone who already has experience in caring for elderly people. That way, at least the nurse already understands what she has to do when dealing with the elderly. If the elderly experience certain diseases, there is nothing wrong with looking for a nurse who already has a special certificate in providing medical treatment. This will make you calmer if you are forced to leave the elderly alone with the nurse.

2. Have flexibility in work

Being an elderly nurse may not be the same job as being an office worker. This is because every elderly person has different activities and needs, so you need to find someone who has flexibility in working, both in terms of the type of work done and the length of time you work. For example, an elderly person may need a nurse to help him dress, feed, prepare medicines and so on. Meanwhile, other elderly people may only need a nurse to travel with them.

3. Have high patience

As a nurse, having high patience is one of the important criteria. This becomes very influential when nurses establish communication with the elderly. The reason is, when entering old age, not a few begin to lose their ability to remember and begin to treat them like small children. This is one of the challenges for nurses to practice patience. Moreover, having patience and high understanding will make it easier for nurses to establish good communication and relationships with the elderly. That way, it will also be easier for nurses to carry out their duties.

4. Has great concern for the elderly

Nurses must also have great concern for the elderly. At least, a nurse can know the needs of the elderly even though they don’t convey it through words. That means, nurses also need to have good observation skills and understand body language. The reason is, there are elderly people who have a health condition that makes them unable to speak fluently. There are also the elderly who are not able to comfortably convey what is on their minds and feelings. This requires nurses to be more sensitive to the conditions that are happening to the elderly.

5. Have creativity so that the elderly are active in activities

As a nurse, you should really follow the wishes and needs of older people. However, that doesn’t mean you have to always be passive when looking after and caring for elderly people. There are times, you also have to be proactive to help find activities for the elderly so they don’t get bored. However, adjust activities to the abilities and preferences of the elderly. If the elderly are still strong enough to move outside the home, there’s nothing wrong with taking them for an evening walk, or even taking part in sports activities that make the elderly’s body healthier.

You certainly want to give the best to family members who find it difficult to enter old age. One of them is finding the right nurse so that the elderly are healthy and happy.

Tips on finding the right nurse for the elderly

You certainly want to give the best to family members who find it difficult to enter old age. One of them is finding the right nurse so that the elderly are healthy and happy. Therefore, there are several things that you need to pay attention to before hiring a nurse, such as the following:

1. Adapting to the needs of the elderly

Before starting to look, it is better for you, as a family member, to make sure in advance what the prospective nurse needs to know. This starts from the limitations of the elderly, the help they need from a nurse, the things the elderly likes and dislikes, to the expectations you have of a nurse. For example, if you have expectations of flexibility in working time, make sure that the prospective nurse understands this.

Not only that, some elderly people need help in their daily activities, such as eating, going to the bathroom, and changing clothes, prospective nurses should also know from the start. This helps prospective nurses to ensure that they have the criteria you need to care for and look after the elderly. That way, it will be easier for you to filter prospective nurses who suit the needs of elderly people.

2. Determine the best method for finding nurses

There are various methods you can use in finding a nurse. Moreover, in Indonesia, there are quite a number of organizations or foundations that provide or offer services as elderly caregivers. However, you don’t always have to find a nurse through an organization or foundation. If a friend of yours hires a nurse for the elderly, you can also ask other nurses for recommendations that can work well.

Even though it’s not official like from a foundation or from an organization, at least a recommendation from a trusted friend can be another method that you can try. On the other hand, the method you choose usually also determines how much it will cost you to hire a nurse. Therefore, use the best time possible in choosing the best nurse so that elderly family members get the best care that is safe and you can trust.

3. Conducting interviews with prospective nurses

If you already Professional nurse have several prospective nurses, now is the time to choose the best one. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, one method you can try is interviewing. If necessary, do this interview process with the elderly who will receive direct care. Share the types of work a nurse has to do while working for you. Then, convey clearly the character of the elderly along with their daily activities and needs.

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