Have These 5 Skills to Become a Professional Nurse

Have These 5 Skills to Become a Professional Nurse

As a professional nurse, of course, you must have good knowledge and responsibility. One of the requirements for a school to become a nurse is that they must have the skills they have mastered when they graduate from school or lectures. Evidenced by diplomas and official certificates in this case the government. The definition of nursing is a profession of caring for individuals, families and communities Thernmentor in achieving, maintaining and recovering optimal health.

Nurses work with doctors, therapists or patients either in hospitals, health centers, clinics, medical centers or even in patients’ homes which are often referred to as home care. In order to achieve optimal care and function, a nurse must have a good role. What roles should a nurse have?

Tips To Be a Good and Professional Nurse

Having aspirations to become a doctor is common and common. For slot gacor 2023 children who have aspirations to become nurses, it turns out that they are not as popular as being doctors. Apart from talking about your childhood goals, maybe you are one of those who has dreams of becoming a nurse?

If so, maybe you need to know what tips to become a nurse are like and how. Even though as a nurse, it turns out that the nursing profession has a big responsibility for the recovery of patients. If the title nurse, surely the patient will also be increasingly burdened and difficult to recover. On the other hand, if the nurse is friendly, the patient will be happy, thereby accelerating the recovery rate.

Indeed, there are many ways to be a good nurse and respected by patients. Well, of course you want to be a nurse who impresses patients, right? Unfortunately, to make that happen, tips on becoming a good nurse are needed. So, here are some things you need to learn to make it happen.

1. As a Nursing Care Provider

A nurse must be able to provide good care for patients and the environment to meet basic human needs. Some of the activities carried out by nurses when providing nursing care are:

  • Provide care and hygiene needs of patients every day.
  • serving portions and nutritional intake as well as the patient’s diet.
  • Help move patients to and from bed.
  • Assist patient mobility.
  • Schedule time to see a doctor and schedule to take medication.
  • Check vital signs such as blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, respiration and Spo2

2. As an Advocate

Nurses must be able to help patients and families to interpret various information both in terms of providing services and information to make informed consent for nursing actions that will be given to patients. In addition, nurses must also be able to defend and protect various rights possessed by patients, including:

  • The right to the best service.
  • Right to information about disease.
  • The right to protection of personal information (privacy).
  • Right to self-determination.
  • The right to receive compensation due to negligence of health services.

3. As an Educator or Education Provider

Nurses must be able to help patients, families or communities to increase knowledge in terms of health, symptoms of disease to take action that will be given according to conditions. In this case the nurse can also be referred to as an educator, conveying information aimed at patients, families or the community through knowledge related to nursing and medical treatment received.

4. As a Guide or Consultant

Having a role as a mentor or consultant for patients, families and communities, a nurse must be able to identify changes in patient interaction patterns towards health and illness. The nurse’s point as a guide is:

  • Identify changes in patient interaction patterns in a healthy-ill state.
  • Plan methods to increase adaptability.
  • Counseling/guidance regarding health problems according to priority is given to patients, families and communities.
  • Integrating medical experience with past experience forms the basis for planning the method.
  • Problem solving is focused on nursing, changing unhealthy lifestyles towards healthy living behaviors.

5. As Coordinator and Collaborator

A nurse must have good collaborative and coordinating characteristics between other health workers. Acting as a coordinator must be able to direct, plan and manage the services of all health members. Meanwhile, as collaborators, nurses with patients, families and other health members try to identify the health services needed including discussions about services, support, a combination of expertise and skills for patients.

  • In carrying out the role of coordinator, a nurse can do the following:
  • Coordinate all nursing services.
  • Arranging nursing staff who will be on duty.
  • Develop a nursing service system.
  • Provide information about information relating to. nursing services in health facilities
10 Principles of Nursing Ethics that Must Have
As a professional nurse, you must be able to think logically and quickly in making decisions. In addition, a

8 Principles of Nursing Ethics that Must Have

Nursing ethics is an ethical attitude that must be owned by all nurses as part of integrity in carrying out the nursing profession by applying nursing norms in social life. As prospective nurses, we need to know what are the ethics and laws in our profession in carrying out our duties as nurses who provide nursing services to the community. Therefore, Insan Medika summarizes the 10 principles of nursing ethics in providing nursing care to individual patients, groups and the wider community.

1. Autonomy (Independence)

As a professional nurse, you must be able to think logically and quickly in making decisions. In addition, a nurse must also respect and respect other people, especially patients.

2. Beneficence

Doing good must be done to anyone without discriminating, especially when providing nursing services to patients.

Good deeds done by a nurse must be based on nursing knowledge and tips.

3. Justice

Nurses must always uphold justice, for example when a new patient enters and at the same time a patient needs immediate assistance, the nurse must immediately consider various factors in accordance with the principle of justice.

4. Fidelity (Keeping Promises)

It takes a high commitment to keep promises to others, especially patients and doctors.

This is because the duties and responsibilities of a nurse demand that she be able to improve health, prevent disease, restore health and minimize patient suffering.

5. Confidentiality

Nurses must really maintain patient confidentiality even though many people urge them to disclose information about patient health.

A nurse must have the courage to refuse to provide information if it is outside the health service area explicitly.

6. Accountability

The responsibility of a nurse is very heavy, this is because every action taken by a nurse towards a patient must be appropriate and appropriate without exception.

7. Freedom

Everyone regardless of profession has the right to freedom. Likewise as a nurse, a nurse must be free to work in carrying out her profession without any pressure or coercion in determining something from outside herself.

8. Advocacy

As a nurse who directly interacts with patients or patient families, nurses must be able to protect client rights.

The advocacy role that a nurse must have comes from the ethics of beneficence (the obligation to do good) and nonmaleficence (the obligation not to harm).

Mastering Communication Skills

The first tip to become a nurse is to master communication skills. It cannot be denied that the ability to communicate is Thernmentor important. Just as when serving or controlling patients, a nurse must maintain sentences and speech to patients.

Having good communication skills, of course, will give happiness to the patient himself. The form of communication skills of a nurse to a patient, for example providing motivation, giving statements or pleasant news to patients. For example giving positive praise. So that the patient’s heart has positive energy too.

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