Get to know more about the Department of Nursing

Get to know more about the Department of Nursing

If you want a career that will allow you to help others, working anywhere in the world, then nursing may interest you. Nursing is an exciting profession, as nurses work on the front lines of healthcare and are often the first point of contact between patients and doctors when dealing with important medical issues. They work closely with health practitioners, including doctors and therapists.

They also work closely with patients and their families, ensuring they have the most recent information Axes777 about their condition. The duties of a nurse vary greatly depending on specialization, qualification level and place of work (such as hospitals, clinics, etc.). However, some of their duties may include looking after and supervising patients before and after surgery, administering medications, writing reports and communicating with doctors, and so on.

With such a large responsibility, registered nurses can earn substantial salaries, depending on where they work. And it should also be remembered that nurses work in a fast-paced environment, with long working hours, which can drain both physical and mental stamina.

With the high demand for nurses globally, the rapid changes in this industry also mean that nurses must continuously upgrade their skills to keep up with changes in this field. If you feel you are ready for a challenging career, nursing may be for you. However, to qualify as a nurse, you must first pass a nursing program.

What is studied in a nursing program
Nursing programs are usually three years long for full-time students

What is studied in a nursing program

Nursing programs are usually three years long for full-time students; You will study theory and clinical practice, because nursing is a hands-on profession. Students will be exposed to a wide range of fields including biosciences and human physiology, child and family health services, disability, and mental health.

Depending on which university you choose, you may have to meet certain requirements before starting your clinical practice. For example, several mandatory requirements for students before participating in clinical work placements include obtaining a certificate of eligibility from the police, vaccinations, and medical examinations.

Meanwhile, after graduation, depending on what country you live in, you may have to register with certain agencies and undergo assessments or exams before starting a career as a nurse.

Prospective career path

Research shows the demand for nurses continues to increase globally. Nurse shortages have also been reported in several countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, and others. While the demand for nurses is high, you can enjoy a wide variety of career options depending on your qualifications and level of experience.

Typically, some of the jobs associated with a nursing degree include midwife, pediatric nurse, gerontology nurse, emergency nurse, and others. But to be able to specialize in one area, you must do postgraduate studies in nursing to get to a higher job position. Some of these careers include anesthesiologist, clinical nurse specialist, or teaching.

What comes to your mind when you hear the word “nurse”? A figure full of tenderness, agility, or a woman? Hmm, many think that nursing majors can only be entered by women, even though men can become nurses too, you know! Yup, career knows no gender. Agree, Brainies?

Apart from being synonymous with women, nursing majors are often underestimated. “Being a nurse is indeed a responsibility, why not become a doctor too?” Wow, even though both have an equally important role in the recovery process of an illness. If the doctor’s job is to heal (cure), the nurse’s role is to treat and meet the patient’s basic needs (care).

Before entering this major, it would be nice if you have a high level of empathy. A nurse is someone who practices their knowledge to help patients. You have to be patient, patient and caring. Communication skills also need to be honed, because you will meet a lot of people with different backgrounds. For example, victims of natural disasters, the elderly, or toddlers. Last but not least, is personal hygiene. A nurse must maintain personal hygiene and the surrounding environment to remain sterile.

What is Learned in a Nursing Major

The Department of Nursing is a science that studies how to provide services to patients to achieve optimal health status. A nurse is not a doctor’s assistant, but a doctor’s partner who works to help patients recover. What are you interested in majoring in Nursing? Here he is!

At the beginning of lectures, students majoring in Nursing will study Basic Biomedical Sciences. This department is also in the Medical department, you know. It is important for prospective nurses to understand Biomedical Science, because it contains discussions related to the anatomy and functions of the human body. Biomedical science is the foundation in carrying out the nursing process.

Do not know, then do not love. Don’t forget to understand the Fundamentals of Nursing which discuss history, paradigms, concepts of human growth and development, as well as some nursing theories. Students are trained to think critically and have basic skills in meeting patient needs.

Oh yes, you need to know, there are several important sub-topics in the Nursing major. Call it Mental Nursing, Child Nursing, Maternity Nursing (birth), Medical Surgical Nursing, and Community or Community Nursing. There are also Critical Nursing and Emergency Nursing courses to treat patients to avoid any disabilities they may have. See, the nursing profession is very important for human survival.

Yes, as long as there is a will. Once inside, you are not immediately asked to practice really. The learning system for the Nursing Department is divided into 3, namely: lectures or explanations by lecturers, practicum, and group discussions. Group discussion is an inter-group discussion session to discuss diseases that are often experienced by patients at the hospital.