Conditions to Become a Reliable Nurse and the Best Career Opportunities

Conditions to Become a Reliable Nurse and the Best Career Opportunities

Having a job in the health sector, especially being a nurse, is a dream for some people. Not required to meet professional learning criteria and all the various requirements that are quite long. Although not as popular as doctors, nurses also have a big responsibility in completing work and helping sufferers. As a start, the main requirement to become a reliable nurse is to complete engagement learning.

Nurses must have skills that are understood when they graduate from a restriction school. Next, they must take a professional learning program that will later bear the title of nurse, not just the name. Speaking of opportunities, now it’s getting bigger because reliable nurses are important and needed, especially during a pandemic like today.

Conditions to Become a Professional Nurse

Aspiring to be a reliable nurse is not as popular axes 777 slot as doctors. However, nurses have certain privileges because they are also responsible for the recovery of patients. Nurses are required to be friendly, especially to sufferers to help speed up the recovery rate. Here are some conditions that must be fulfilled in order to become a professional and successful nurse one day:

1. Graduated from Nursing School

The initial requirement for becoming a professional nurse is that you have to complete nursing studies first, be it D3 Nursing or Bachelor of Nursing studies. Many Health Sciences Major Schools have opened Nursing majors from D3 to S1. For D3 Nursing graduates, they are spoken by skilled nurses and nurses who have passed S1 Nursing + 1 year of professional learning are said by reliable nurses.

2. Have an Ideal Body Size

If you want to be a nurse, you must have the perfect body size with a minimum size of 150 for women and 155 for Thernmentor men. This will be useful for some of the actions taken, such as changing patient infusions and other emergency conditions. Some schools also require a fairly large body.

3. Not Color Blind

A nurse should not have constraints on color, this is an absolute requirement. Color blindness will make it difficult for yourself because it will be difficult to distinguish the color of the drug, the type of intravenous fluid, especially when identifying the fluid coming out of the patient’s body.

4. Required to have STR (Registration Feature Message)

Including if you want to become a midwife, having an STR is a mandatory requirement that must be met in order to become a professional nurse. When you have completed your education, you must take a competency test that is carried out simultaneously by MTKI.

After the indirect test to get the STR, you have to wait for months to be able to get the STR.

5. Has no history of infectious diseases

To become a nurse you not only have to graduate from nursing school, but you also have to have a physically fit body, not identified as having a widespread disease.Before officially becoming a nurse, you will usually go through health checks and laboratory checks.

6. Pass the Nurse Test

Generally, hospitals carry out a written test when they want to accept prospective nurses. In order to become a nurse, you must first pass a test. What is highly tested is the lower expertise in fellowship and psychological tests.

7. Can Regulate Emotions

A nurse needs intelligence in managing her emotions, nurses with a large emotional level can make sufferers unhappy. This job is a job that has a high level of stress, so nurses must be able to manage their emotions. Emotional character is not only shown in the behavior and attitude of nurses, it could also be due to pressure from the hospital. Nurses must be able to regulate these emotions and not be brought back to the house.

8. Communicating Understanding Skills

The next tip is to have good communication skills because they will be used when talking to sufferers and their families. Nurses must protect speech and speech, especially for patients and their families. It is better for nurses to share positive sentences that share enthusiasm and happiness for the sufferer himself.

9. Have Empathy

Nurses must have a sense of empathy to bring the whole in work. While working as a nurse, you will experience sufferers and their families who have many complaints, and as a nurse, of course, you have to be a calming solution.Having empathy for sufferers can make sufferers feel safe and you become a pleasant nurse for sufferers.

10. Standby, Focus, Responsive and Solutive

Being a nurse means you have to be alert and this focus is inseparable from panic. Thus, nurses are required to act quickly when there is a critical event, must remain calm and focused when experiencing a critical situation. It is better for nurses to have responsive skills and be able to make the right decisions about the problems experienced by sufferers. As a reliable nurse, you must be able to think quickly when experiencing problems.

Compulsory Learning to Be Taken to Become a Professional Nurse

Health workers are a profession that is very much needed, especially during a pandemic like today. But in order to become professional health workers, they have to go through several stages of learning just like nurses. The following are some of the learning levels grouped in Indonesia. Some clinics that have nurses who graduate from D1 or Vocational High School (SMK) will usually become nurse assistants. Health centers that still serve D1 graduates as well as ordinary Vocational High Schools (SMK) with little budget alibi.

D3 or D3 learning focuses on practice with a minimum learning period of 6 semesters and graduates will get an A. Md. Keep is also required to undergo a competency test so that he can be recognized as an executive nurse who is ready to serve in the health sector in health facilities and institutions.

8 Guidelines for Being a Good and Professional Nurse

8 Guidelines for Being a Good and Professional Nurse

Having aspirations to become a doctor is common and universal. For children who have aspirations to become nurses, it turns out that they are not as popular Axes777 as being doctors. Apart from talking about your childhood dreams, maybe you are one of those who has dreams of becoming a nurse?

If so, maybe you need to understand what it’s like to be a nurse and how. Even though as a nurse, in fact the nursing profession has a big responsibility for the recovery of sufferers. If the title nurse, of course the patient will also continue to be a burden and difficult to recover. On the other hand, if the nurse is friendly, the patient will be happy thereby increasing the recovery rate.

Indeed, there are many ways to be a good nurse and respected by sufferers. So, of course you want to be a nurse who impresses sufferers, right? Unfortunately to make that happen, it takes guidance to be a good nurse. Well, here are some things you need to learn to make it happen.

Guide to Be a Good and Professional Nurse

Understand Communication Skills
The first guide to becoming a nurse is mastering communication skills.

1. Understand Communication Skills

The first guide to becoming a nurse is mastering communication skills 777 . It is undeniable that speaking skills are important. As is the case when serving or controlling patients, a nurse must protect speech and speech to patients.

Having good communication skills, of course you want to share happiness with the sufferer himself. The manifestation of the communication skills of a nurse to a patient, for example giving motivation, sharing exciting statements or news for sufferers. For example sharing positive praise. So that the patient’s heart has positive energy as well.

2. Regulating Emotions

Guidance to become a nurse also requires intelligence in managing emotions. Nurses who have excessive and big emotions, it can be determined that many patients are unhappy. In fact, too, will get negative nicknames from sufferers. For example fierce nurses, fussy nurses and many more. Of course you don’t want to get nicknames like that, right!

Behavior and emotional character are not always directed in the behavior and attitude of a nurse. However, from the emotions in experiencing cases that are intertwined in the hospital itself. It is undeniable that the hospital certainly has problems and pressure for nurses. For example, working hours are too late, income problems and many more. A nurse is also obliged to regulate emotions like this, so that they are not forced to return home. So that the family at home does not get the effects of this negative energy.

3. Have Empathy

Valuable capital for a nurse, of course, has a sense of empathy. Empathy that is born will bring to the whole in work. In maintaining or working also become more sincere. At least it starts with this sincerity, wanting to help build other strengths.

For example, the heart is happier, feels that life is tolerable, more grateful for the health that already exists. Of course the behavior and attitudes towards other people become friendlier. Be more careful in speaking words to patients, and of course you want to be a pleasant nurse for your patients. Because sufferers feel safe with a sense of empathy from a sincere nurse born from the heart.

4. Loyalty at work

The working hours of a nurse are no less busy than a doctor’s schedule. Nurses also have busy working hours. So, if you want to be a nurse, you need loyalty at work. Loyalty to work like this is what you must be prepared to have.

If you don’t have the loyalty to work, ready to work overtime at any time, my advice is to find other ideals besides nurses. So there is no need to force yourself to enter as a nurse. So for those of you who want to enter nursing because of prestige, because of friends and because of parents, this needs to be reconsidered.

If in the future you cannot be loyal to the work of the nurse itself. Can change it before entering the world of nursing. It’s a shame it’s not college money if you yourself don’t live it with heart, but live it with prestige.

5. Careful and Detailed

Tips to become a nurse, of course, must have a spirit of accuracy and detail. Such is the duty of a nurse. They are required to record the growth of sufferers from hour to hour, from day to day. Always notify of any changes in their medical records.

Therefore, from the very beginning, careful and detailed adjustments are important and necessary. If you have a sloppy habit, then it can be replaced from now on. While still in the process of studying on campus. Because errors in recording patient growth alone, can make it difficult for doctors to make further diagnoses.

6. Work in a team

The method of being a good nurse, in fact, does not only focus on sufferers. But also focus on colleagues. One of them is to always be able to work with the team. Coordination and collaboration with colleagues is the key to establishing good bonds and communication between nurses. Of course it’s not delicious if there is conflict or something like working alone. As social beings, it is impossible not to do everything alone, we always need friends.

7. Have Good Body Immunity

Tips for being a good nurse have good physical health. The nurse’s job is to look after sick people. If the nurse herself is sick, how can she take care of her patient? That’s why in the medical world they certainly select healthy nurses rather than sick nurses.

Except, if there are students who are sickly, but want to study in the world of nursing, that’s not a problem. Because the context is learning. It’s called learning, anyone can. But if it is made into a profession and a job, it seems difficult. That doesn’t mean it’s impossible, there is still a chance and there is always something that can happen if you have great determination.

8. Work according to SOP

The next guide to becoming a nurse is to work according to the SOP. Apart from all the responsibilities of a nurse. Of course a nurse works against her own will. Instead, it works according to the SOP that has been enforced.This is one form of a nurse’s code of ethics. In all forms of profession, especially doctors, psychologists, journalists and many professions out there. Where they work is based on the existing code of ethics. This code of ethics is used as a reference and standardization in work.

So, caring for sufferers has its rules. Starting from managing patient follow-up, carrying out recording of patient growth and much more. That’s why when studying at a nursing campus, you will also be taught what a nurse’s code of ethics or SOP is like. what is allowed, and what is not allowed. Those are some tips to be a good and reliable nurse. At least you can prepare the methods above before becoming a real nurse. Of course Being a nurse is a noble job. Hopefully the exposure of this post is useful.

The Meaning of Life of a Professional Nurse and Their Duties Before Retirement

A veteran nurse who is experienced in her field will definitely retire too and it’s only a matter of time until they actually retire in their field. In all her experiences in becoming a nurse, there will definitely be a special meaning in one thing the experience she went through.

Previously, a veteran nurse must have been a mentor to train nurses who just wanted to enter the nursing field. A mentor, of course, wants his subordinates to be professionals in their field and each lesson has its own experience and meaning.

On the first day a nurse goes into the field, there must be a sense of fear in everything she does. The first thing a new nurse is afraid of is, for example, not having the courage to take the risk in every responsibility given by the mentor intended to train them.

Remaining in mediocrity or complacency sets our patients and co-workers a failure. To avoid both, a nurse must continuously push the boundaries of their knowledge and skills. A growth mindset is very important for our development.

By increasing the skills of a nurse in this area of ​​expertise, I will increase my ability to assess, diagnose, plan, intervene, and evaluate.

The Meaning of Life of a Professional Nurse

My Current Nursing Philosophy

Nursing provides physical and emotional support to those who could not achieve health without it. As such, positive relationships are the cornerstone of a therapeutic healing environment. This includes not only the patient and his family. This includes the entire unit and hospital culture. This includes doctors, nursing assistants, therapists, pharmacists, secretaries, dieticians, laboratory technicians, and custodial services. Each person.

Our patient population is diverse. Because of this, we may need to vary our professional approach for each patient. Some may need a gentle touch of warmth and understanding. Others may need a stronger hand.

Good and safe nursing care does not occur in a vacuum. It is a professional commitment to growth and the creation of a positive culture. It requires an appointment to develop personal nursing skills and judgment, as well as that of our colleagues.

A nurse can only do so much during their twelve hour shift. If a colleague is lacking then there is a gap between shifts. A ladder is only as strong as the weakest squeeze. We must commit to strengthening every step of the way.

Nurses are essential in promoting health, preventing disease, restoring health, and caring for dying patients. We accomplish this task by constantly changing our roles.

Nurses integrate knowledge of physiology, physical action of direct patient care, teaching, advocacy, and patient counseling. We are the link between doctors and patients and are responsible for carrying out actions to restore health. For this reason, a nurse must be highly trained and skilled in a broad spectrum of areas to address this multidimensional field.

Remaining in mediocrity or complacency sets our patients and co-workers a failure. To avoid both, a nurse must continuously push the boundaries of their knowledge and skills. A growth mindset is very important for our development.

Nursing Stress

Nursing Stress

Too much nursing stress causes burnout

Every inpatient nurse is familiar with stress. Wherever we work within the hospital, we are always faced with a juggling act. Depending on our skill level, we can keep a different number of balls in the air at the same time. We threw one ball with a smile, two balls required attention, but one ball too many caused them to fall.

We each have a stress set point. Like temperature regulation in our homes, we have control points that trigger stress responses. During my nursing orientation, I suffered greatly from my own inability to handle stress, fearing punishment for delaying the administration of something as trivial as a stool softener. On the other hand, some nurses will calmly look at ventricular tachycardia by tilting their head and quietly saying “that’s interesting.”

The workload of inpatient nurses will never change. We must adapt to work in a changing environment. Our nursing assistant is sick and there is usually no replacement. The secretary didn’t show up for work and the phone kept ringing. The operating room brought in a new patient and forgot to call and report.

If we fail to handle stress, we will fail to survive in our careers because we are not mentally strong. In the world of nursing we must have management in dealing with stress.

Conclusion in Nursing and Your Philosophy

In the world of nurses, we have to be responsible for many things, such as the lives of patients, accuracy and dexterity at work, and many more. My current nursing philosophy relies heavily on developing an inpatient unit culture. It underscores my personal involvement in the system. I believe it shows professional growth.

My nursing philosophy will definitely change going forward. It is an organic statement that is constantly changing based on my experience and values. Only upon reflection do we see how far we have come.

How has your nursing philosophy changed since you started? Have experiences weakened your values ​​and approach? How do you stick to your core principles and caring nature?